Forms in Oxygen Builder

August 20, 2020
Posted by Emmanuel under 

Building a forms component for Oxygen Builder has been in my to-do list for several months. I even shared a very early screenshot of my first attempt, which was a drag-n-drop designer for Contact Form 7 that worked right inside Oxygen Builder. That idea never was fully developed.

I don't like installing a dedicated forms plugin just for a small contact form. The simplest solution for me has been using Contact Form 7 because it is simple, it does a single job and does it good. But, even with the different "form stylers" we already have, you can't simple make a CF7 form look exactly how you want. So, I started again creating a forms component for Oxygen Builder. This time for real, and it is working already, planned to be launched next week with OxyPowerPack 2.0 "Chihuahua" as part of our new "release more, release often" efforts.

It is not made to compete with dedicated forms plugins like Fluent Forms. OxyPowerPack's PowerForm, at least the first versions, aims to be a simple solution with only a few field types, but extremely flexible so users will be able to build, arrange and completely design every form input using the power of Oxygen Builder drag & drop system: what if you want a form with fields spread into several columns, with images, different backgrounds and other Oxygen components? Just do it, the Oxygen way.

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