PlanEstimated date
Version 2.2 - Oxygen 4 compatibility, PHP 8 compatibility, ACF-related bug fixes and other enhancementsLate January - February 2022
Version 2.3 - maintenance release with bug fixes and minor enhancementsCancelled in favor of version 3.0
Version 2.5 Halfway through 3.0 with big internal changes and minor (but long waiting) bug fixes.Mid July 2022
Version 2.6 SASS/SCSS Styles support.Early August 2022
Version 3.0
* Big code refactor (already done for 2.5)
* Full interactivity engine revamp, more JavaScript Events, Actions, Functions and Variables.
* Improved forms with better default styling, more input field types and better submissions management.
* Power Video element with self hosted and secured videos
* SCSS support (Released with 2.6)
* Initial support for Breakdance builder
* Price change?
* Full documentation.
Late July Mig August 2022
Version 3.1 - Maintenance releaseAugust 2022
Version 3.2 - Simple facets/filters elementSeptember 2022
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