SASS In Oxygen Builder

All the power of SASS included

Your StyleSheets on steroids
You can create SCSS stylesheets and compile them right inside Oxygen Builder.
SCSS StyleSheets are placed on a special folder called "scss". When you compile them, a new "regular" StyleSheet is added or updated with the compiled code.
Create several SCSS files to generate separate StyleSheets. Import one file into another to reuse styles, mixins, variables, etc.
You can have any amount of SASS partials, which are files that can be import into other SASS files. Partials are named with an undesrcore character, and they don't create additional stylesheets on compile.
All your colors included
All your Oxygen global colors and the ones you added from a design set are available to a special SCSS file.
Just @import your "oxygen-colors" file to use the variables.
Any new or deleted global color is automatically synced to the SASS file, no need to worry.
You control where to enqueue
By default, SCSS files are compiled to regular Oxygen StyleSheets, but you can instead opt to generate actual .css files that will be written to your site's uploads folder.
If you prefer to have .css files, then you can decide where should they be included, selecting which specific pages or templates whould use each specific StyleSheet.
For advanced users, a PHP function is provided to get the full URL for each generated stylesheet, so you can manually enqueue the styles using a custom plugin, code block or snippet.
You don't like StyleSheets?
No problem, just select an element, go to Advanced > Custom CSS and enable SASS for that specific element. Then, you'll be able to work write SASS without having to manage StyleSheets.

See it in video

SASS is included with OxyPowerPack

On late July 2022 we will release OxyPowerPack 3.0
and will remove the lifetime price option

All current LTD owners will remain LTD forever.
Looking for a discount? There's been a hidden discount code in the Power Map demo for ages.

Unlimited Sites

All OxyPowerPack Features
Automatic  Updates
Unlimited Sites
1 year updates

Unlimited Sites - Lifetime

All OxyPowerPack Features
Automatic  Updates
Unlimited Sites
Updates forever
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last updated: August 2nd, 2022
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