Design Set

Beautiful design set with different niche sites.
Use it to import full pages and customize them or just use the individual building blocks to create your own site.

Current Status: 4 Niche Pages - 22 Building Blocks (Sections & Elements)

Niche Pages

NEW: SoftwareOne - Added February 20, 2020

See Demo


See Demo


See Demo


See Demo

How to use the design set

See the documentation page.
✔️Events & Actions
✔️Custom Attributes
✔️Maintenance Mode
✔️Additional Components
✔️Parallax Effect
✔️Text Rotator
✔️Lazy Load Images
✔️Growing Design Set
✔️Use On Unlimited Sites
✔️100% Bloat Free
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More Niche Sites Soon

Buy now and save! Price will increase as more components, features and niche sites are added.

The Design Set is just one of the OxyPowerPack features.
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