Power Form

Design contact forms entirely inside Oxygen Builder

Power Form allows you to use the power of Oxygen Builder to design contact forms and to customize every aspect, including their fields. With OxyPowerPack you don't need to install any other forms plugin to create contact forms.
Design your contact forms the Oxygen way
All the layout: add columns, images, icons and any Oxygen element inside your Power Forms
Full control of every field
Configure the actual input element name, tab index, label and required validation message.

Included fields in OxyPowerPack 2.0:
* Text
* Color
* Number
* Checkbox
* Select
* Radio Group
* Text Area
* Simple Captcha
Email Templates
Each contact form can be configured to be saved to the database, to be sent by email and to trigger a WebHook.

A different email template for administrators and for users can be configured for each Power Form. You can even use any field value to populate your email body.

Starter Forms

The following starter forms are included with OxyPowerPack, fully working and ready to be used in your site

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