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Oxygen Builder users care about site performance. In the same spirit, OxyPowerPack won't output unneeded stuff.
If you only use one feature, a minimal script may be added, just for that feature and just on that specific post or page.

With the release of OxyPowerPack 3.0 on April 4th 2022, we will remove the $69 LTD option and make it a yearly subscription.
All current LTD owners will remain LTD forever.

Oxygen Builder 4.0 Beta 2 was launched just a few days ago and introduced a few issues with the upcoming release.
OxyPowerPack 3.0 will be delayed a couple of days. ETA: April 8th.
Looking for a discount? There's been a hidden discount code in the Power Map demo for ages.

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current version: 2.2
last updated: March 19th, 2022
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