Interactivity Engine

A scripting engine to code, without coding

Manipulate any element in the DOM three: add and remove classes - append or replace texts - hide, show or destroy elements. Execute your actions on a variety of mouse and browser events. Everything right into the Oxygen Builder UI, no coding needed.

Sample 1 - scroll

Sample 2 - class manipulation

Sample 3 - text manipulation

Sample 4 - various

Sample 5 - this site header

The fixed header on this site is transparent, but gets a white background as soon as you scroll briefly. It's done with OxyPowerPack's Interactivity Engine, using "Enter Viewport" and "Exit Viewport" events and with the help of a dummy, blank, hidden div at the top of the page (this div reacts to the enter/exit viewport and executes the class manipulation on the header).
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