OxyPowerPack 1.1

May 13, 2020
Posted by Emmanuel under 

Video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A9g5is6vrY

OxyPowerPack 1.1 is a release with the following fixes and improvements:

  • Bug fix: A weird 'oxyPowerpackTempSelector' css style was being output in frontend after using the "selector chooser" tool found in the Interactivity Engine and in the Popover UI. Thanks to Simon Kress for reporting this one.
  • Bug fix: Popovers with 'click' trigger can now be closed by clicking again.
  • Enhancement: Several stuff loaded from unpkg CDN is now loaded locally to lessen negative impact on site performance measuring tools.
  • New feature: Now you can login again without leaving Oxygen Builder if the WordPress session expires while working in the builder. No more losing the latest changes.
  • New feature: External SASS workflow via a Gulp script for PRO users who likes to code styles with SASS (disabled by default).

You can download it from your account page or perform an automatic update from your WordPress site. Make sure your OxyPowerPack copy is activated in order to be able to perform automatic updates.

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