What about OxyBootstrap?

August 20, 2020
Posted by Emmanuel Laborin under 

As you may have noticed, OxyBootstrap is not listed anymore as a future product.

The reason is because we are going to add Oxygen Builder Bootstrap and Tailwind integration directly into OxyDesignPack instead of its own plugin, so all related to features is on OxyPowerPack and all related to design is on OxyDesignPack This is part of our efforts for releasing more and more often.

And OxyDesignPack?

We are working on it. Actually, we have a few new premade sites that we want to release with OxyPowerPack 2.0 Chihuahua. Still bundled with the main plugin. But when we reach a considerable amount of designs, we'll break it into two products. Orlando promised us to have a new design set quarterly, so we are very excited about this.

Sneak Peek:

SoftwareTwo (we made our new website using this one)

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