Tutorial: Extending Oxygen Builder

Published by Emmanuel Laborin on February 14, 2020

I’m working on a premium tutorial, aimed to medium and advanced developers, that will teach how to extend Oxygen Builder with a custom plugin.

The text will explain how to use several undocumented internal functions and the new Elements API, which is a feature secretly added to Oxygen Builder 2.x and started being officially used on Oxygen Builder 3.0 for the WooCommerce integration and later for the Pro Menu Element. The team at Oxygen Builder will eventually offer documentation for the Elements API, as it's still under development, and I will be updating the tutorial to cover all the API updates and additions.

Elijah officially naming the API as "Elements API"

This tutorial will include custom Element samples built with the Elements API and also stuff that's completely out of the official API scope, like instructions on how to extend the Oxygen Builder user interface, how to access some of the internal functions and a use case: an in-depth technical explanation of how OxyPowerPack is made.

Once published, this tutorial will be available to all current OxyPowerPack users for no extra money. But will be a separate purchase for new customers.

First part ETA: Late March, 2020.

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