Power-up Oxygen Builder

powerful features, cool effects, new elements

New Addition

Power Map is the new element, included since OxyPowerPack version 1.2
it is said that there are OxyPowerPack discount codes in Hobbiton...
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OxyPowerPack Features

Oxygen Builder, on steroids
interactivity engine

Interactivity Engine

Scripting engine built into the Oxygen Builder UI to code without coding.
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Tooltips & Popovers

Add simple tooltips and complex HTML popovers to any Oxygen element.
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maintenance mode

Maintenance Mode

Complete maintenance mode engine to show Oxygen-made "coming soon" pages.
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power elements

Power Elements

Growing list of JavaScript elements to add richer content to your sites.
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text rotator

Text Rotator

Dynamic headings that rotates through an array of texts with a typewriter animation.
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Custom Attributes

Add any amount of custom HTML attributes to any Oxygen element, with one click.
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Parallax Effect

Cool effect to make any element scroll at different speeds, like floating!
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Lazy-load Images

Improve page load speed by requesting images only when they enter the viewport.
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Premade Designs

A design set is included with premade single-page sites and sections.
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New Products Coming

We are launching OxyBootstrap and OxyDesignPack soon.
Buy OxyPowerPack now and get the other two products for free when they are released.
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No Bloat

Oxygen Builder users care about speed
in the same spirit, OxyPowerPack won't output unneeded stuff

if you only use one feature, a minimal script may be added, just for that feature
and just on that specific post or page