Status Update

March 18, 2020
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Hey! Here's an update with important news.

Support Issues

I've been experiencing issues with the helpdesk software I use to provide customer support. A few customers reported that they were unable to submit messages and also I have open tickets where customers just stopped replying. It's been working good now for the last few days, so If you need assistance, or if you haven't got a reply in a few days, please submit a new message.

The only benefit of having a dedicated support software is the ability to see the customer information, including license status, right into the support ticket. I will move to basic email support in the following days to avoid any more issues.

New Features

Promising a visual form builder that works within the Oxygen Builder has been like shooting myself in the foot. It's been very hard to have a decent, stable and actually useful feature but the worst part is that it's affecting the release of other new features.

From today, I'll focus my efforts in new Oxygen elements and improvements for the Interactivity Engine. Basic forms support is still on the roadmap, but probably not as ambitious as planned.

Among the new planned features are AJAX repeater, AJAX search and AJAX login, as well as removing the design set, to make it a separated product. More on that below.

New Products

The current design set will be taken out of OxyPowerPack to create a new plugin. All current single-page designs will be converted to full sites, and each of them will be a separate design set that can be fully imported. To start, three new designs will be created and a new site/design set will be released every week. All this will be managed by a new plugin that will be called OxyDesignPack and will be taken care of by a friend of mine, who has been doing great UX work, so I can continue focus on functionality.

OxyBootstrap is going to add easy Bootstrap integration to Oxygen Builder, including custom elements for all of the bootstrap components and the well known mobile-first responsive engine. Why a separate product? Because I believe it's out of the OxyPowerPack scope

Summarizing, the product family will be composed of:

  • OxyPowerPack - Power elements and features for Oxygen Builder.
  • OxyDesignPack - Full premade sites and building blocks for Oxygen Builder.
  • OxyBootstrap - Bootstrap integration for Oxygen Builder.

What does this mean for current customers? Current customers will get the three products lifetime for free. The store will be moved to but you will receive an email with the details on how to access your account.

New Pricing

Since the beginning, OxyPowerPack price was planned to increase. It will remain the same for now, but each product will be sold separately for new customers. So, it is a good idea to buy now and get the other two products when they are released.

Estimated date? Very soon. All this is being sorted out right now so it's matter of a couple of weeks at much to make the switch.


COVID-19 is spreading very fast around the globe, I just hope that you and your family are ok.

It's dangerous, but don't panic: COVID-19 is not as deadly as most people believe, but it is so contagious researchers believe that 70% of the humanity will be infected sooner or later. So, the real problem with COVID-19 is that with so many people infected at the same time, hospitals are collapsing and more people are dying just because of that, and not because the virus alone.

You may be strong, healthy and this disease won't kill you, but you can transmit the virus to someone else. I encourage you to take this seriously and take care of yourself and your family. We are lucky to work on an industry where it is easy to work from home: avoid going outside and wash your hands several times a day.

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