Sneak Peek - SCSS support in Oxygen Builder

July 26, 2022
Posted by Emmanuel under 

We're working really hard to have OxyPowerPack 3.0 ready by the end of the month, and one of the features we are implementing is real SCSS support when writing custom styles for components, classes and also for stylesheets - all inside Oxygen Builder.

Since the beginning we wanted to implement SCSS, and our initial effort was to create an external workflow. No wonder it's a feature nobody uses - When developing a WordPress site, people want to do everything without leaving the WP dashboard or Oxygen. Now this will be possible.

Here's the fact list for the SCSS support we are implementing:

  • SCSS can be enabled individually per element or class.
  • Disabling SCSS for an element or class will restore the original CSS that was there before enabling SCSS.
  • SCSS stylesheets are saved under a disabled folder called "SCSS". Compiled sheets can be placed in any folder.
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