Self-imposed deadlines are my nemesis

Published by Emmanuel Laborin on February 15, 2020

A couple of weeks have passed since the last OxyPowerPack update. I've feeling a lot of unnecessary pressure trying to have a decent Visual Form Builder version ready and that kept me from pushing the regular weekly updates with minor fixes and improvements.

But priorities are being sorted out, and this coming week will be an update with several fixes and enhancements reported by users, and I'm going to manage things to make sure the two most ambitious features (visual form builder and enhancing the interactivity engine) are developed and at the same time release small fixes and enhancements regularly.

The design set is one of the hardest parts to get updated, as I'm not a designer. So, instead of promising regular updates on that, I'll add a niche page ocassionally, as a surprise addition.

The super ultra top priority right now is finishing the documentation, and should be done in the next couple of days (live progress is available right now). Also, now that I'm finally writing, I starter working on a premium tutorial for developers who want to extend Oxygen Builder.

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