Power Map

Beautiful, data-rich maps right inside Oxygen Builder

Drag with the secondary mouse button (or Ctrl + drag) to rotate and tilt the map view.
Power Map is a fully configurable map element for Oxygen Builder, included in OxyPowerPack. It is highly performant thanks to its WebGL based engine and looks beautiful when used with any of MapBox vector base maps.
Watch the Power Map video review from Stratos Tutorials
Performant, WebGL-based map engine.
Add Markers, Lines and Polygons. Easy.
Edit Features color and optional Popup
The use of MapBox base maps requires a MapBox Access Token. Get yours by creating an account at mapbox.com.

If no MapBox Access Token is configured in OxyPowerPack settings page, only the "Basic OpenStreetMaps" will be available, which is still a good looking map, but it is raster-based instead of vector-based, meaning that it could look pixelated on high zoom levels.

Why not Google Maps?

We made Power Map with MapBox technology under the hood because the engine is open source, and because they have a very generous free tier for the premium vector maps. Chances are that you never pay a single penny. And, if you only use the OpenStreetMaps base map, no Access Token is needed at all.

Also, getting the MapBox Access Token is as easy as logging into your MapBox account and pressing the "copy" button. Have you tried getting a Google Maps API key? It's a headache, and their usage metrics and pricing are cryptic.

Power Map is included with OxyPowerPack

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last updated: April 29th, 2023
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