Power Forms and WebHooks: How to send entries to Google Sheets

July 20, 2022
Posted by Emmanuel under 

In this video we'll use one of the features Power Forms that we haven't covered yet, the ability to send form submissions to any 3rd party service or custom script hosted elsewhere via WebHooks. In this case, the video shows how to create a webhook URL using the make.com service (formerly Integromat) and use that URL to configure our Power Form to send there our entries via WebHook.

The video showcases how to create a Power Form from scratch, how to style it, how to create a fancy Oxygen-designed message to show when the form is submitted, as well as how to connect our form to Google Sheets via WebHooks and make.com. As make.com has many more services apart of Google Documents, one could virtually do anything with the form entries.

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