OxyPowerPack 2.2

February 15, 2022
Posted by Emmanuel under 

Oxygen Builder has been adding features that originally were exclusive to OxyPowerPack (custom attributes, lazy load images, etc) and in general all other Oxygen ecosystem products have been growing and improving much faster than us. So we are preparing a plan for future releases including new features to add more value to our customers and improving the current ones, with a special focus on Power Maps, Power Forms and Interactivity Engine. Will write more about our plan soon.

As a first step, this year we got off on the right foot improving features, fixing some old bugs and adding Oxygen 4 compatibility. Today we are ready to release (at last) a version that you can use with the new Oxygen 4 betas.

Changes in version 2.2:

  • Power Maps: Fixed several bugs related to using ACF fields as a marker source inside Oxygen repeaters.
  • Power Forms: Revamped the form submissions page, now submissions can be filtered by form name and exported as CSV.
  • Power Maps: Added ability to lazy-load maps inside a repeater.
  • Core: Fixed a race condition that was causing initialization issues now that Oxygen Builder loads much faster, specially using Firefox.
  • Core: Fixed several PHP Notices and Warnings.
  • Core: Big task - Added Oxygen 4.0 compatibility.

You can download it from your account page or update automatically from your WordPress site. Make sure your OxyPowerPack copy is activated in order to be able to perform automatic updates.

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