OxyPowerPack 2.1.1

July 30, 2021
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About the release

Minor release to quickly add improvements to existing features, more specific to PowerMaps.
In this release we the following improvements

  1. Option to lazy-load PowerMaps
  2. Added an Interactivity Engine Action to center a PowerMap based on specific coordinates
  3. Added an option for PowerMaps inside a repeater to center it automatically to the rendered marker
  4. Added an Interactivity Engine Action to add custom markers
  5. Added the ability to feed PowerMaps using Google Maps ACF field

Lazy-Load PowerMaps

One of the users pointed out that loading PowerMaps is bringing down the page speed scores, and requested to add Lazy-load for PowerMaps.

How to enable Lazy-load in PowerMaps

After you add PowerMaps in Oxygen Builder, there is an option at the bottom right to enable or disable the Lazy-Load functionality.

Lazy Load PowerMaps in OxyPowerPack
Option to Enable/Disable Lazy load in PowerMaps

Added Interactive Engine action to center a PowerMap based on specific coordinates

With PowerMaps we can create a complete real estate listing website (kinda). One use case is showing all the available listing on a single map. In this case, you might want to center the map based on specific long lat coordinates, now you can do it using Interactive Engine Event action, ''Center Map'' and add that event action after the ''Page Load'' event.

Position Map based on your custom Long and lat coordinates
Center Map with several listings based on any Coordinates you want 🗺

Added an option to center PowerMaps inside a repeater.

When dealing with several independent, individual maps the maps are not centered by default but in this release we have made all the Maps centered to their own positions by default.

Example of centered individual maps

Added an Interactive Engine action to add Custom Markers

We can let users add Custom Markers based on specific events, and if the Customer marker is already added we will go that location.
In this example we have added a button which can be used to add a Custom Marker.

Set up for adding Custom Marker when a user Clicks a Button
Add a custom marker in action

Added the ability to feed PowerMaps using Google Maps ACF field

In the previous release we added the ability to load Long Lat coordinates into ACF from, but entering long and lat values is very time consuming so we added the ability to select location from Google Maps ACF field.
This makes it very easy to add multiple map locations.

Using ACF Google Maps field to enter long and lat coordinates.

These are the improvements we added in this release, we will have couple of small releases before 2.2.

If you haven't already purchased OxyPowerPack please consider buying it. We are

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