OxyPowerPack 1.2

June 9, 2020
Posted by Emmanuel under 

So, we paused OxyBootstrap development to polish a new feature that has been in the oven for some time, in order to provide new cool stuff for our existing customers. This time, it is a new element: the Power Map.

OxyPowerPack 1.2 is a release with the following fixes and improvements:

  • Bug fix: Bug related to admin menu parsing, causing JS console errors on some sites.
  • Enhancement: Added some missing API features, fixing PHP Warning messages and improving the user experience with a better components display on the Oxygen's component list.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that was preventing the license deactivation.
  • New feature: PowerMap component

You can download it from your account page or perform an automatic update from your WordPress site. Make sure your OxyPowerPack copy is activated in order to be able to perform automatic updates.

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