February 20, 2020
Posted by Emmanuel under 

OxyPowerPack is a minor release with the following fixes and improvements:

  • Bug fix: fixed a bug that causes empty HTML attributes in frontend after removing the OxyPowerPack feature. This also caused the load of unneeded assets after a feature was not used anymore.
  • Bug fix: 3rd party assets for popper and tippy JS libraries aren't redirections anymore, this will improve speed metrics.
  • Bug fix: The maintenance mode window inside the Oxygen Builder was being rendered incorrectly on some browsers, specially if the WordPress installation had custom user roles.
  • Enhancement: Updated the logo to meet the new website design.

You can download it from your account page or perform an automatic update from your WordPress site. Make sure your OxyPowerPack copy is activated in order to be able to perform automatic updates.

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