OxyPowerPack 1.0.6

December 13, 2019
Posted by Emmanuel under 

OxyPowerPack 1.0.6 is a minor release with the following fixes and improvements:

  • Renamed the "Start" tab to "Interactivity".
  • New feature: LAZY LOAD IMAGES - Now Image Components can be configured for lazy loading with a single click. Images not in the viewport won't be loaded on page load, improving the load performance.
  • Enhancement: Custom Attributes and Parallax buttons added back to the OxyPowerPack drawer. Too many support requests from users not finding the options in the advanced tab =).
  • Enhancement: Now globally disabled options (in the settings page) won't show up inside the builder to avoid confusions.
  • Enhancement: New "Enter Viewport" and "Exit Viewport" events in the Interactivity tab.
  • Enhancement: New "Scroll To Top" and "Scroll To Element" actions in the Interactivity tab.
  • Bug fix: Quotation marks aren't allowed in any field in the action settings - they break Oxygen shortcodes. Now they are silently removed but before the fix, horrendous things happened.
  • Bug fix: After using the selector chooser, the chosen selector was being set automatically to any other action with a "selector" field, in the same event.

You can download it from your account page or perform an automatic update from your WordPress site. Make sure your OxyPowerPack copy is activated in order to be able to perform automatic updates.

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