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current version: 2.1.1
last updated: 2021-07-29 11:07:43

Maintenance Mode

Custom Attributes

Text Rotator

Lazy Load Images


Premium Add-On for Oxygen Builder

Interactivity Engine
Rich Components
Parallax Effect
Premade Designs
Maintenance Mode
Custom Attributes
Text Rotator
Countdown Timer
Lazy Load Images

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Interactivity Engine

An interactivity editor that works directly with events, elements and classes to help you create dynamic content without coding.

This landing page is built using the Interactivity Engine: The top fixed menu, the back-to-top button, the link buttons in the first section, etc.

See It In Action
Demo 1
Demo 2
Demo 3
This demo plays with the demonstration text, changing the content on delayed steps.
Execute Demo
This demo will make the text dissappear and appear again, with an alert dialog when it finishes.
Execute Demo
Move the mouse cursor over the button, the text will indicate the event. Also, a message in the developer console is shown when the button is clicked.
Click Me

Use the demo buttons

Use them


Beautiful Complex Popovers or simple tooltips, for any component.

Complex Content inside a Popover
Tab 1
Tab 2
Tab 3
Sonic has a nested Popover
Tab Content #2

Click Me

Sample Menu Built with Popovers:

Search >
Quick Find
Search & Replace

Maintenance Mode

Beautiful Oxygen-designed Coming Soon and Maintenance pages.


OxyPowerPack adds new rich elements to Oxygen Builder. Currently a CountDown and Evergreen Timer, and an Image Comparison components are included, but more components are being developed.

Special price remaining time


Parallax Effect

Parallax scroll effect for any Oxygen component, just a couple of clicks away.


Text Rotator

Stunning headings with text that rotates with a fancy animation.

Design Set

OxyPowerPack comes with beautiful premade pages and building blocks. New designs are being made available regularly in the included Design Set.

Custom Attributes

Add any HTML attribute to any Oxygen component. Effortlessly.

No Bloat, Seriously

If you don't use Events & Actions, Parallax Effect, Text Rotator or any of the additional components, nothing will be output in frontend.

All features can be globally disabled from the settings page.

More Features Coming

OxyPowerPack is getting better with new features, enhancements, components and designs every week.

Get it now before the price increases!

✔️Events & Actions
✔️Custom Attributes
✔️Maintenance Mode
✔️Additional Components
✔️Parallax Effect
✔️Text Rotator
✔️Lazy Load Images
✔️Growing Design Set
✔️Use On Unlimited Sites
✔️100% Bloat Free
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