March 2021 News

March 17, 2021
Posted by Emmanuel under 

Since a few months ago OxyPowerPack has been under maintenance mode, basically just making sure it works with each new Oxygen Builder version. You noticed it, and let us know that via Facebook several times. Thank you very much for that.

It's been hard times for all. For us, as a team, it's been very hard to keep releasing new stuff for the plugin. For me, It's been specially hard due personal and professional reasons to be able to get to work with the team.

Time for a comeback.

We are investing money to have a new developer working full time to deliver regular updates. Isaac (expect his selfie soon) is already coding new features and bug fixes and Jaswanth will continue doing a great work talking to customers.

To summarize the changes coming from now, we will make it simple and focus on OxyPowerPack features and bug fixes, documentation and guides. Improving the interactivity engine and creating a set of guides for it is on our plans too. In order to do that, we now have Isaac working full time on the project, but also we are leaving behind some ideas (bootstrap and design pack) and also stripping out some less known OxyPowerPack features and releasing them as free plugins. Indeed, already started with that as you can see here.

Keep up with OxyPowerPack, cool things are coming.

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