Launching The 1.0 Preview

November 10, 2019
Posted by Emmanuel under 

One full month has passed since the last -and initial- blog post! I've been busy working on the initial OxyPowerPack features and being a solo developer makes the blogging and social sharing part a bit harder.

Today I'm proud of finally being able to say that OxyPowerPack is ready to be launched, at least with the initial set of planned features.

I'm still not sure about the pricing scheme or the amount I should charge, but for now I'm going to release OxyPowerPack for free, a "1.0 Preview" version that will act as a beta to get some feedback and also will allow the product to be known.

So, I'm preparing the preview access page with a couple of feature request and bug report forms and in a few hours the access link will be sent to the registered users. Preview access sign up will be kept open until launching the 1.0 final version, hopefully in a couple of weeks at much.

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