Hello World

Published by Emmanuel Laborin on October 5, 2019

After changing my mind -and domain name- several times, I've decided to stick with "OxyPowerPack". And the features will be added progressively, to ship an initial version faster and continuing building from there.

So, OxyPowerPack is all about adding user requested features to Oxygen Builder, in the form of snippets, hacks, design sets, custom components, etc.

The first set of features will be:

  • The Drawer. The idea behind the drawer is to have a user interface with additional functionalities to avoid losing them or messing with Oxygen Builder UI. The drawer at it's current state is a collapsible panel that can be opened by clicking a floating button at the bottom of the screen. That button can be placed to the left or to the right. The drawer can be docked and it will remain open, blended with the rest of the Oxygen Builder UI. Right now, the drawer has tools for creating pages, renaming them, directly accessing to edit any page, post, template or library block, directly access any WordPress dashboard page, etc.
  • Maintenance Mode. Maintenance mode is a useful feature that will allow developers and designers work on live pages or perform maintenance tasks by shutting down the normal site and only letting users see the configured maintenance page. Maintenance pages, of course, are editable with Oxygen Builder.
  • An event and actions engine that allows designers to create frontend interactions without having to write code or even know JavasScript at all. This is a very ambitious feature that will be launched progressively, with support for variables and conditions for a second phase.
  • Additional components. I have a LOT of ideas for this. Currently what is done are a Countdown Timer component, a Contact Form 7 component, and a couple of non-interactive components.

At the time of writing this, an alpha version is about to be launched for free to all users who signed up. What I want is to have valuable feedback and polish it further before thinking about putting a price on it.

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